1.How do You post Ad ?

To post an ad on Go4sell.com is easy and absolutely free of cost.Simply click the sky colored post Ad button in the upper right-hand corner and follow the instructions. You can post Ad without registration but if you post your Ad after registration and then for the next Ad If you are logged in to an account, your details will be filled in for you automatically. We will send you aconfirmation email once we have reviewed your ad. This usually takes maximum 1 hour during office hours.

2.How to register for a account ?

ToTo be aregisterd user go to the upper right of the home page then click on “Resister For A Free Account” then input your Name,Email,Password and you will be registered.

3.How to do delete Ad

If you are a registerd user you can log in to delete your Ad or you may go to your e-mail adrress and check the e-mail regarding specific Ad .Here you will get the link to delete your Ad.

4.How to do edit Ad

To edit an ad ,If you have an account just log in and click the "Edit" button. or you may go to your e-mail adrress and check the e-mail regarding specific Ad .Here you will get the link to edit your Ad.

5.How long Ads Stay on Go4sell.com

Ads appear for 90 days, unless you delete them manually.

6. After how long Ad will be appeared

Ad will be appeared within 1 hours during office period.

7. I posted an Ad but cant’s get the Ad visible

Go4sell.com review all posted Ad and it would take not more than 1 hour.So,If your Ad fulfil criteria of Go4sell.com then your Ad will visible to everyone.

8. Why I have not received any response to my Ad.

Your contents of Ad should be enhanced,attractive and related to Ad.You have to use real and clear photo of your product and Price would be attractive.

9.Protocol to post Ad on Go4sell.com

Ads wont be allowed if:
1.Product or service that is illegal in Bangladesh
2.Product or service that is not located in Bangladesh
3.phone number or email address is not valid
4.content in the title or description that is not related to the advertised product or service
5.an insubstantial offer appears
6.invective language
7.offensive photos
8.pictures that do not match or clearly show the advertised product or service.